Church is a BIG deal!


Church began with a handful of men and women who saw a resurrected Jesus and could not keep silent about what they saw and felt.  Church survived persecutions, toppled governments, won over hearts, inspired art and architecture, cared for widows and orphans, and transformed itself in every generation to keep the message of Jesus alive and well. 

Church is a revolution of love and freedom, carried out by everyday people who passionately believe in the message of Jesus, that would change the world forever!

Clearly, Church is NOT a building or a place we go.  Church is who we are, each one of us.  And Epiphany is even more committed to equipping, inspiring and sending out you and me to BE CHURCH for our generation and in our community!


How your gifts support our mission

Stewardship is vital to our mission (our existence, in fact), and it’s something we take very seriously. Gifts from our congregation are put to many good uses, benefiting and changing lives both here at Epiphany and throughout the community.

Your Gifts Help Our Congregation to BE THE CHURCH

Much of your generous giving comes back to the congregation and allows us to support programs, ministries and a very gifted staff team. You allow us to make Epiphany a dynamic place and a go-to resource for people of all ages and circumstances.  

Your gifts empower faith-based and relief organizations to BE CHURCH

Each year, we give over $100,000 to a variety of organizations throughout central Ohio including these amazing ministries below.  Hover over any photo to see the ministry partner and our current support amount.

So much good is just waiting to happen


As we think of the many lives we’ve been able to reach here at Epiphany and throughout central Ohio (and maybe even beyond), we’re deeply grateful . . . and energized by the mission we share.


We want to do more. And we can, with your help. 


Let us know what your family plans to give next year to the mission of Epiphany.  Simply click on the button below to open up our online pledge form. 

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