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All Are Welcome

We at Epiphany Lutheran Church are followers of Jesus and we seek to live our lives according to his teachings. He welcomes us all to God’s table and teaches us to love others as he loves us. In an ongoing effort to be an intentionally inclusive congregation, we are committed to…


*embracing people from every race and ethnicity

*honoring people of all ages

*affirming and loving people of all sexual orientations

*cherishing people of all gender expressions and gender identities

*celebrating people with various physical or mental abilities

*respecting people of every socioeconomic class

*inviting people of all household structures and marital statuses

*welcoming people from all educational backgrounds

*valuing people who feel marginalized or left behind


If you have a different faith background, different religious or spiritual experience, or are curious about your spiritual beliefs, we welcome you.


We celebrate what makes all of us unique.


We believe that God provides grace to all, and we see all people as children of God made in God’s image.


We strive to provide a diverse environment of mutual love and respect, a safe place where all are free to be themselves.


All are welcome to share in the life, leadership, ministry, fellowship, worship, responsibilities, blessings, and joys of the congregation’s life.



We invite you on this journey to be part of an inclusive faith community!

To Learn More About What It Means To Be A Reconciling Congregation Click Below to see the RIC Website
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