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Current News

Of course you want to know the latest news about activities, events and ministries at Epiphany!  After all, that's how we grow our faith and witness to others!

The best way to get the latest news is to sign up for what we call "Connect".  Connect is an email newsletter that goes twice each week on Tuesday and Friday that is full of current content, links, ministry news and encouragement.  It is designed to keep you connected to the ministry of Epiphany, to each other and to our shared mission.  If you would like to be added to our Connect mailing list, simply fill out the form below.

Want A Sneak Peak?

Do you want to see some of our recent news, ministry opportunities and events?  Would you like to take a look at what you will be getting when you sign up for our Connect?  Here is our latest Wednesday and Friday edition of Connect!

Yes!  Sign me up so I can stay connected!

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