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Art Experiences
At Epiphany

Using Art To Express Our Faith

This year The Art Team has worked hard to bring you 4 unique opportunities to explore faith through art.  Each unique part of this year's Art Experience is detailed below.

Painters Palette

An Art Exhibit

Colorful Papers

The Quilt Art Project


Art Tour of Epiphany


A Mime Artist

"The Art Exhibit"

Art is the expression of the soul regardless of the form.  It gives voice to something within our heart.  We will have an opportunity to display and view our art projects, either made during church activities, or brought from home, May 14-21.

All types of art are welcome (painting, drawing, quilting, stained glass, origami, pottery, jewelry, etc.) and we ask that it have a faith connection (for example, a photo or painting of a waterfall may be displayed with a scripture passage about God’s creation).  Artists will be invited to describe the faith connection.


Each participant may display up to 3 items.  Items may be placed in a container at the Art Team's display in the Gathering Space or by emailing them to the Art Team at


Art Exhibit Q & A's

What type of art can I submit?

Any art that can be displayed is acceptable, such as a poem, a painting, photography, needlework, etc.

How many items may I display? 

We ask that you limit it to 3.

How will the items be displayed? 

Pictures will be hung, fragile items may be displayed in a curio cabinet and others will be on tables.

     Note: please have your art completely ready for display. If you would like it hung, please make certain that there are secure hooks attached to your item.

How safe will my project be?

On Sunday morning and Wednesday nights, which are the advertised viewing times, Art Team members will be available to watch and discourage touching, etc. We will do our best to display them in a safe fashion, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee safety.

What if I cannot make a faith connection? 

It is possible that something cannot be displayed due to this stipulation, but almost always, a faith connection can be made. If you are having difficulty, contact Becky Gee @248-943-3233 or email the Art Team at

How will people know my faith connection? 

When you complete the Entry Form, you will describe your faith connection. The information will be put on an Exhibit Label, and it will be displayed beside your item.

Do I bring my art to the church when I submit my Entry Form? 

Not necessarily. The forms are needed earlier so that we may prepare Exhibit Labels and plan for the showing. We ask that you submit the Entry Form by April 23 and bring in the art between April 23 and May 7 at 9 am.


Paper Quilt Project

Using 8 by 8 squares of paper (provided by The Art Team), participants are encouraged to express their thoughts on one or more of our LENTEN topics.  Each 8 by 8 square will be fit together into a large "quilt" of art that will be displayed in the Gathering Space.  Everyone can be an artist and create an expression of faith!  We hope you will participate in this community wide project.

Links with topics and "prompts" to help you ponder and get creative, are in the boxes below.  Paper squares can be found at Epiphany in both the outside drop off bin or inside at The Art Team display.  Or, if you can not come to Epiphany, the Art Team will be glad to deliver one to you!

Squares are due by May 2 to be included in the quilt

Have questions?  Need art supplies?  Email The Art Team

quilt example.jpg



Blessed are the imperfect

Blessed are the curious

Blessed are those who suffer

Blessed are those who feel alone

Blessed are those who mourn

Blessed are the rejected

Blessed are the fragile

Blessed are those who hope still

Art Tour

 Jerry Kisner is leading and this time we are adding a history component to the event.... perhaps something like -

Have you ever wondered about some of the symbolism in the physical structure of Epiphany?  Wondered who created it? Wondered how the building came to be like it is today?

Jerry Kisner will be lead a tour around the facility that will include some of the art/ symbolism of the building and an opportunity to ask questions about the physical structure.


The ART TOUR will take place on Sunday, April 23

Meet at 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary

Mime Artist @ Epiphany



Sharing her art and faith


9:00 Worship

10:00 Meet and Greet

11:00 Worship


Art Team Mission:

Provide opportunities for the expression of faith through art forms and enrich the faith of all who experience this creativity. 

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