Art Experience

At Epiphany

Using Art To Express Our Faith

Art is the expression of the soul regardless of the form.  It gives voice to something within our heart.  During this time of uncertainty, changes of routines and loss, consider using art to express yourself (drawing, painting, poetry, prose, collages, sculptures, etc.).  Perhaps you are finding joy in new places or perhaps you are feeling anxiety.  Create something to express this!

If you've already started working on a project, keep going!  When we gather again, we hope to display these great reflections of faith.

In addition, the Art Team has been exploring our church's mission statement and corresponding values.

Revealing God Through Revolutionary Relationships.

*Christ Centered Culture

*Intentionally Inclusive Approach

*Attitude of Abundance

*Traditioned Innovation

*Intersection of God’s Story and Ours

See below for weekly topics and project ideas!

Share Your Art

By sharing your project, you may speak to the heart of another.  Send a picture of your art or email your poem or prose to .  You can also post it on Epiphany's Facebook page.   

Are You Missing Our Building?  We Are!

Come here each week and see some of the art from our building!


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This Week's Art Projects

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