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The Mission of Epiphany

Revealing God Through Revolutionary Relationships

This is at the heart of our Epiphany community!  Our mission is to reveal God.  Our name (Epiphany) means an illumination or discover.  Often associated with the star that lead the wise-men to find the Baby Jesus, Epiphany wants to point the way or shine a light on what God is up to in our world and in our lives.  It isn't about what we are up to or even what we believe.  We want to point people to Jesus, to his life and ministry, to a life that is transformed by following Jesus. 

How do we hope to do this?  We are glad you asked!  We think that relationships are the best way to experience the love of God.  First and foremost, we celebrate our relationship with God.  We hope that through worship, service, fellowship and Bible study (especially the words of Jesus), we can develop a strong and trusting relationship with God.  Second, we believe that through relationships with other believers at Epiphany, each of us can be encouraged, inspired, strengthened and challenged to live out our faith in practical ways and to experience and then share the love of God with others. 


When that kind of life change happens it is nothing short of

REVOLUTIONARY (in a good way!)

Our Values

We like to say it this way:  At Epiphany you will experience:

  • A Christ-Centered Culture—Jesus is our focus and the compass that directs our decisions.


  • An intentionally inclusive approach—All are welcomed. All means all.


  • An attitude of abundance—We give our time, talents and resources deliberately, generously, and with gratitude.


  • Traditioned innovation—We embrace change while honoring our heritage.


  • An intersection of God’s story and ours—God is active in our lives today. We live and teach the story of Jesus. The Holy Spirit inspires us to act.

But since words are not always great at communicating, here are our values expressed

in a different way.  Perhaps this will help bring to life our values.

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