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Just What We Do

Serving others isn't an extra that Christians can do, it is central to who we are.  Jesus' new command to love others is way more than a nice expression, it changes everything!  At Epiphany we see our love for God expressed in worship, yes, but just as importantly, in how we love and serve others.  That is an act of worship.  It is our joy and our privilege to care for others the way God cares for us.  It's just what we do!

Wrapped Boxes

Step 1:  Look over the catalog

Step 3:  Donate!

2023 Gift Catalog

One way we give each Christmas is through our Gift Catalog.  These are gifts to people in need here at home and around the world.  We give lots of gifts this time of year, many to people who really don't need them.  Here is a chance to give gifts that matter, that make lives better and that share a message of God's love.

Want to give a gift that matters? 

Step 1- Check out the gift giving catalog by clicking on the catalog logo

Step 2- Make note of the item number and amount of the gift/gifts you want to give

Step 3- Use our PayPal link to give.  Be sure to put the total amount you want to give, and in the "notes" section, write the item numbers and amounts you want to go to each cause.

Orders and Donations need to be in by January 1st, 2024

Step 2:  Write down each

item number  you want to

donate towards and the

amount you want to give to

each item

*You can pick up ornament tags and gift cards in the Gathering Space

Thank you for giving a gift that matters!

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