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The King Is Coming
Advent Block and Devotions

"Advent Blocks is a tangible, meaningful practice to help kids—and parents

—anticipate Jesus, not just presents."


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Advent At Epiphany

This year Epiphany will be using the devotions found in "The King Is Coming" devotion book that is included in the block set and the "He Is Here" devotions for Advent book that is the adult companion book.  Our sermons on Sunday morning and our Wednesday night Holden Evening Prayer services will be pulling directly from these resources. 

We would encourage your family to purchase a block set or the adult devotional and make this a yearly tradition in your family.   Then join us in worship as we count down to the arrival of Christmas.  Together we will worship and celebrate and anticipate because "The King Is Coming" !

Ready to Order?
-Block sets are $10 and come with a devotion book
-Adult books are $10
-Preschool Companion Books are $10
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