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Daily Devotions
For all of God's Children

Parents, Guardians, & Significant Adults are the number one greatest influence on the faith of a child.  

As we do life and faith in new ways as we physically distance to keep one another as safe and healthy as possible, we offer a daily devotion for you and your child to root yourselves in Christ.  

Some are fun, some are silly, some involve movies, some involve food - All involve the love of a God who is present and with you on every step of the journey. 

March 16th is also known as John 3:16 day.  Take a look at this well known verse through a little trivia devotion.  

Click the date button to get to the devotion.  

Being in a time and space that we don't have all the answers to, we feel a little lost in the woods.  Who better to journey with but friends like Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf?  Let's travel into the unknown with them! 

Click the Frozen 2 Movie Devotion button.  


Join us in the kitchen for a creative challenge!

Sometimes we need our hearts to be made new so we can have the strength to forgive.  

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Each Thursday, throw it back with us Dance Party style to a VBS from years' past.  This week, we're going back to ROAR 2019. 


Click the date to boogie with us!

Jesus teaches his disciples to love one another.  This devotion on the story, A Sick Day for Amos McGee, by Philip C. Stead, is a beautiful example of how to love each person or creature for who they are.  

Click the date to find out more.  

Let's Play Memory! 

Where do you feel linked to God's story?  What do you do to get re-membered, reconnected to God's love? 

Click the date for some active ways to take part in God's Story.  

Talking to God can be daunting and intimidating.  Use bubbles to voice your prayers and let them carry to God! 

Click the date to learn the Blow Your Troubles Away Bubble Prayer. 

It's  Snack Time!

Use food to help teach and tell the story of Noah and the Ark. 

Click on the date for full details! 

Make All Things New

An Up-Cycle Crayon Devotion

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Is your child named after someone in your family?  

Are you named after someone famous?

What does your name mean? 

Dig deeper into names today - click on the date to find out more!

It's time for another Throwback Thursday Dance Party!  


This week - Shipwrecked - VBS 2018.  

Click on the date to learn a little &  jam to the tunes.  

Use each finger on one hand to help you say a prayer to God.  

Follow the picture and click on the date for full instructions.  

Let's Eat!!

God has created so many amazing and wonderful foods!  What's your favorite?  What are some of the things people in the Bible ate?

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Stained glass windows are a familiar sight at many churches on Sunday morning.  It's hard to not see them when we worship.  But, we can make them on our sidewalks and driveways.  

Click the date to find out how to make your own Stained Glass Chalk Art.  

Who do you know in your community?  In your neighborhood?

What jobs do each of these people do?  How do they help?  

Take a look at the people who make our communities great, how they help, and say a special prayer for all of them.  

Click on the date to spend some time with God and the special people in your neighborhood.  

Do you have a pet? 

What about a favorite stuffed animal?  

How do we take care of these creatures that are so precious to us? 

Take a look by clicking the date.  

Begin the epic saga of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermonie Granger.  Connect the novel and the movie with faith!

Click on the Movie Bible Study button to begin the adventure.

It's VBS Throwback Thursday!

Today, we kick it back to the summer of 2016 for Cave Quest.  Jesus is our Light in the darkness, guiding our way.  

Click the date to see the whole devotion.  

The things we say and do to others can sometimes hurt their feelings.  

Forgiveness gives us the chance to repair the damage.  

Get out your Jenga game and play along with this interactive Jenga Devotion.  

Click on the date to take you the full devotion.  

Let's Get Ready for a Parade!!

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday.  We will be celebrating with a parade just for Jesus!

Make a palm branch so you can be ready!  

Click the date for the full story! 


Let's Have a Parade TODAY!!

Yesterday we prepped for a parade, now it's time for the real deal!  

Find some items to have in your parade and click the date below to hold your own parade and hear about a parade that featured Jesus as the STAR!

Merry Christmas!!


The journey from Palm Sunday to Easter has an even earlier beginning...with a baby, in a stable; true love come down from heaven.  Enjoy this look at favorite holidays & start the Easter Selfie Challenge!!

Click the date for the devotion.  Click the Easter Selfie button to start your family challenge!